Photo: great shot of a Great Egret: Danny Fog

 Yalukit Willam Nature Reserve bird survey 

13 April 2024 

‘Our April survey started at 7.15 am, drawing 10 observers. It was a fine, calm morning with some cloud and a comfortable temperature of 13° C. 

We recorded a total of 30 species across all 7 areas, comprising 15 wetland species, 12 ‘terrestrial’, and 3 feral or pest species. Area A produced the greatest diversity (21 species). Its total count was 98 birds. Area F in the Chain of Ponds had fewer species (18) but a slighter higher bird total (103) and the same number of wetland species as Area A (10). Some of the ponds and billabongs were being drained, resulting in lower water levels, muddy edges and a concentration of invertebrate food for birds. 


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