Our Purpose
YWNA is a community group with stewardship to create a wetland reserve carefully designed to foster biodiversity and wildlife in the Yalukit Willam Nature Reserve

The Association collaborates closely with Bayside Council and Port Phillip, Glen Eira Councils, Melbourne Water, Boonwurrung Foundation, our affiliates and other relevant stakeholders in lieu of the broad key themes listed below:

Get Involved with the Nature Reserve

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From plant propagation, litter cleanups, surveys and maintenance of the reserve, there are many ways to get involved.

Plant Lab
Surveys & Studies
Litter Cleanup


To provide quality habitats for indigenous (endemic) plants and animals in Elster Creek/Yalukit Willam Nature Reserve and environs. To maintain and improve biodiversity through the use of water, landscape and locally indigenous plants. To provide a refuge for threatened and locally endangered species.

Aesthetics & Public Amenity

To develop and maintain the Reserve with exceptional aesthetic, Cultural and public amenity. To create diverse opportunities for passive recreation, quiet enjoyment of the Reserve and appreciation of the natural environment.

Flood Mitigation

To maintain and improve the Reserve as a flood retarding basin. To maximise effective water management opportunities with a major focus on flood mitigation.

Water Quality

To maximise opportunities to enhance and monitor water quality within the Reserve, upstream and downstream and ultimately in Port Phillip Bay (Nairm).

Community Involvement

To develop opportunities to involve and engage the community in realising and valuing the core purposes regarding Elster Creek/Yalukit Willam Nature Reserve, Elster Creek catchment (both upstream and down-stream) and throughout the greater Elsternwick Park area. This includes but is not limited to:a. Volunteeringb. Education/Indigenous Engagementc. Advocacyd. Research.

On Country

The Yalukit Willam Nature Association is collaborating with the Boonwurrung Land and Sea Council and appreciates the opportunity to work with Dr N’arwee’t Carolyn Briggs in deepening Cultural connections on Country. The Nature Reserve's regenerative story is allied to the Kulin Nation's living and ancestral connections to place that have existed continuously for tens of thousands of years.
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